We are Sexual Violence Won't Be Silenced, a Sydney based advocacy group that combats gendered and sexual harassment online.

Reflecting larger societal issues, the internet mimics our online world. Online spaces have taken to the harassment and violence of women. We are committed to defending the rights of these women, and activelyfighting to make our online world safer for everyone.

Currently we have an active petition, lobbying the government to gain better education in our law enforcement officers around online violence. As well, we have an online community, the SVWBS Safe Space, which provides women the opportunity to engage in a supportive environment and share their stories of online abuse.

We believe that in order to further progress gender equality, online violence against women needs to end. Gendered harassment online has become normalised, and this must stop.

Our aims and commitments are: 
• Honoring the diversity of women, and seeking to advocate for the needs of women from all backgrounds, particular those whose voices have been silenced.
• Contributing to policies, programs, and legislation that impact women’s experience of online harassment and violence.
• Providing accessible information for women and illuminating their online rights.
• Raising and maintaining the greater community’s awareness of gendered violence, particularly it’s proliferation online. 
• Ending the normalisation of online violence against women, and the erasure of offensive, gender based humour and vernacular.

We are SVWBS and we won't be silenced.